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Is Fetishism an Illness?

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Hello,i have a question about fetishism. Since my adultery i have special interest about (women’s) feet. In the society where i live, such fethistic things are not respected so much .I mean, i can not tell my situation to anybody(specially to girls) that making problem for me; because i have a special whisper about this and i want to have it. But people specially girls are so prejudged about this matter. This situation annoys me. Is there any cure for this whisper? Or is this an illness?

Is Fetishism an Illness?

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Human beings react to sexual stimuli, whether others believe they should or should not. There is a much bigger question here other than “Do societies or religions approve of your sexual attraction?”. The important question is, are you harming someone with this sexual attraction? This question can be broken down into two more specific questions. First, are you harming some other person with this attraction? The second question is, are you harming yourself with your sexual attraction?

If, in all honesty and reality, you are not harming anyone with this sexual attraction, then by definition your attraction is harmless. Foot fetishes appeared to be rather common now and throughout history. Many famous and well respected historical figures are reported to have indulged in various fetish activities. Did they or didn’t they? We will never know for sure in each case but in general it’s safe to conclude that sexual fetishes are rather common throughout human history and have been associated with well respected figures from the past.

Of course, it is easy to see the prevalence of fetish activity in modern culture. A quick Google search will reveal millions of references to any sexual fetish that you can think of. After doing a Google search, clicking on the images tab will quickly reveal the readily available images for the selected fetish and these images will number in the thousands.

In essence, what I am telling you is that evidence would indicate that this should not be bothering you. However, it is never enough to tell someone who is concerned that they should not be concerned. Though reassured many people will remain concerned. Talking to a qualified counselor often relieves this concern. I wish you a happy and prosperous life and I hope I have helped in some small way.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Is Fetishism an Illness?

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