My parents are right wing Christians who watch Fox News 24 hours a day and hate everything I stand for. They are condescending and rude. They act like my sister and I are degenerate losers who don’t know anything. I hate them. My father throws tantrums if we do not take his calls, or listen to his offensive jokes. My mother ignores the problem, but has begun to make snide remarks. Should I continue to have a relationship with them? How?

I am 43 years old with two children. My children are interracial. I have taught them to be kind and tolerant and respect the rights of others. They are wonderful, polite, and compassionate people. I was brought up by people who were very racist, xenophobic, and insulting to others. I know what is right. And their ignorance and hypocrisy are not right. I will not budge an inch on that.

A: Your parents have made it abundantly clear what they stand for, what they think of you, and how little respect they have for your needs and own development. At 43 it doesn’t sound like they have much to offer as parents, or as people you can rely on for a supportive, adult relationship. Unhooking from their barrage of insults and put-downs would seem to be the healthiest thing to do. If you were a teenager such treatment by your parents might constitute emotional abuse. There is no reason to keep exposing yourself to them now.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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