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Verbal and Physical Family Abuse

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From Sudan: i’m lonely but i can’t handle it because of the thoughts in my mind. all the time those thoughts are i hear in my head shut up and if i tried to continue doing what i’m doing the ideas became molesting.

i was molested when i was little while the man was touching me my neighbor little girl saw and ran jumping happily he took of my panties i’m not sure about this detail that there is a woman in the room she stood there and said that i deserve it .

when i went home my mam was cooking she asked where did he touch me front or back i answered her and i was looking to her back he touched my back my cousin was busy no one comfort me i was crying the next day he tried to molest another girl but she ran and called her brother when he came he threat him my mam said to me i should’ve call her and when i got to the girl store my mam said to her father that he touched me and it’s my fault her brother was there he said it wasn’t my fault

my mam never loved me and my broth er we are 4 siblings my second sister she used to hit us when we were little my mam never punished her she never was nice to me and my brother so it is a verbal and physical abuse my father just used my mam as a sexual fun and he dosn’t pay or send us money for us my mam knew from the beginning that his first wife isn’t good and she is evil and he won’t be standing with her or support her or stop his first wife torture but she married him and made our life miserable because she is greedy and me i used to block my feelings so i don’t remember any thing about my childhood at all so that means i didn’t had good days and my dad used to hit us sometimes and there is nothing positive connects together at all my brother i saw his clothes wet after he woke up our grades are bad although we smart would you give me some books to reed me and my brother help us deal with our issues

Verbal and Physical Family Abuse

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I’m so, so sorry that you have been so hurt and that there has been no adult to love and protect you as you should have been. I hope that now that you are a young adult, you will look for friends who encourage and support each other. We can’t change the past, but we can take charge of making a better present.

There are many excellent books available to help people help themselves. I suggest you go to either or and scroll through the self-help listings for people who struggle with the effects of childhood trauma. You will be better able to choose the book that best applies to your situation than I can. Take the time to read the reviews for each book to find out whether other people found it helpful.

You might also find it useful to join one of the forums here at PsychCentral. Go to the “Find Help” tab on the HomePage and click on “Forums and Support Groups”. People from all over the world support and encourage each other.

I wish I knew what kinds of services are available in Sudan, but I don’t. If therapy is an option, I hope you will consider seeing a counselor to give you some support as you work on moving forward in your life.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Verbal and Physical Family Abuse

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