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Do You Think I’m Having Delusions or Am I Just Being Paranoid?

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So for at least a year I’ve had many situations where I feel for instance that cameras are hidden all around my house and that people are watching and listening to me. While I feel like that I try to tell myself that that’s probably not happening (because I have looked and not found any cameras) but I still feel like it is. (I have thoughts like that at least once a day.) another example of what is happening is I have a feeling most of my friends are secretly trying to hurt me and my reputation when that doesn’t make sense. I have tried to confront my friends, they denied it but a part of me thinks if they actually are conspiring against me then that is exactly what they would say. Something else that might be related (I’m not sure) is that I don’t really speak to anyone at school after I confronted my friends (I used to speak to people) I am just not very interested in talking to people who are out to get me. Do you think what I am experiencing are delusions or just a normal bit of paranoia? *note* i have done some evaluation for schizophrenia and am not schizophrenic.

Do You Think I’m Having Delusions or Am I Just Being Paranoid?

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Delusions and paranoia go hand-in-hand. It’s concerning that you believe in things that seem to be untrue. As you noted, you checked for cameras and did not find any, but it didn’t ease your fears. It should have. Feeling that your house is bugged and that your friends are conspiring against you are symptoms associated with several types of mental illnesses.

You wrote that you have “done some evaluation for schizophrenia” but didn’t elaborate. If you are referring to self-diagnosis, I would advise against it. If you haven’t been evaluated by a mental health professional, that should be your next step.

It’s important that you consult a mental health professional. Your symptoms could worsen if left untreated. The good news is that they are treatable with both medication and therapy. Discuss your options with your parents and ask them to take you for help. Treatment will help you feel better. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Do You Think I’m Having Delusions or Am I Just Being Paranoid?

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