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Image Streaming Possible?

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Hello…I planned to do technique called (Image Streaming) to increase my IQ and this technique will increase the intensity of inner voice of me and I am afraid if this technique would cause psychosis or schizophrenia or any mental disorder to me So,is it possible?

Image Streaming Possible?

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To the best of my knowledge, image streaming is not something that has been rigorously studied by the scientific community. I could find no peer-reviewed studies about this technique. There are books written about it, but they have not been subjected to peer review. Peer review is a critical element of the research process. It involves new ideas being thoroughly vetted by expert researchers. Without empirical validation, you should be skeptical of claims being made about image streaming.

Because image streaming is not something that has been well studied, it’s impossible to answer your question about whether or not it would cause a mental health disorder. You might consider consulting a mental health professional, in-person, to address your concerns. This would allow you to explain the process of image streaming to the therapist and he or she could offer an opinion.

Generally speaking, you should avoid engaging in any behavior that has not been scientifically validated and might negatively impact your mental health. If your neighbor down the street came up with a new drug to make you smarter, would you swallow the pill? It could make you smarter. It could make you dead. It might damage your brain and make you less intelligent.

No drug manufacture can offer a pill that has not been scientifically proven. First of all they need to know if it will harm you and secondly they need to prove, through scientific testing, that it works. Anyone can claim anything, but only scientific testing can prove a claim to be true. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Image Streaming Possible?

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