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Did I Have a Panic Attack?

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So I’ve had a rough time recently and I have depression and anxiety issues. I went over to a friends house last night and we were just talking in her room. Then we moved out into a little tree-pod thingy. (I don’t really know how to explain it better than that sorry.) After awhile we were talking about the way we were imagining a creature that had the head of a guy from the Russian Sleep Experiment and the body of the creepypasta ‘The Rake’. After that we really started to get freaked out. We closed our eyes so we didn’t look out the windows anymore, and we started to imagine it staring at us. I could almost feel it watching me. We both stopped talking and it continued to stare at me, but eventually it was just gone and I was in my idea of a ‘perfect room’. Someone was sewing my mouth shut, and I could feel the pain in my lips. I kept breaking the thread it was using but it just kept sewing it layer by layer by layer. Finally I couldn’t talk anymore, I couldn’t breathe. My hands felt numb and my arms were shaking. Awhile later I was conscious of my surroundings again and I could feel my mouth, I couldn’t move it open. I ran my hands over it and the thread was gone, and my lips were unharmed. I could still feel the pain and a tingling sensation in my ribs. My friend said she experienced something similar to this. (We both have depression and anxiety problems). We don’t know what to do, it felt so real and we had another one after it. Has anyone had something similar happen? I imagined myself into a panic attack?

Did I Have a Panic Attack?

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It sounds like the two of you frightened yourselves with the power of your imaginations. Anecdotally, many young people engage in similar “paranormal” activities. It happens so often that it could be characterized as a “phase.” These sorts of things can happen whenever one discovers the Ouija board or engages in other occult activities. It’s very common but ill-advised.

Sometimes these games go too far. For example, a recent case involved two 12-year-old girls who read about a fictional character named the Slender Man on a horror story website. The two girls convinced themselves that this fictional character was real and that he commanded them to murder a young girl in order to pay him homage. They then stabbed a 12-year-old girl 19 times. Thankfully, their victim survived. The two girls are currently awaiting trial for attempted murder.

The best thing to do is to stop engaging in these types of activities. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for either of you. You also linked it to your mental health problems. Voluntarily and willingly attempting to elicit negative experiences seems like a bad idea. It’s a form of self-destructive behavior.

If you have depression and anxiety, then you should seek treatment from a mental health professional. Highly effective treatments exist for both conditions. Ask your parents to assist you with accessing treatment. There’s no reason to suffer with treatable ailments. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Did I Have a Panic Attack?

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