Hello doctor — I hope I get an answer for my questions because I desperately need one the problem is not in me but my mother, two months ago mom called my dad and when the discussion was over she over heard him saying stuff to another woman, and since then she was shocked and my dad completely denies it but she won’t believe it the problem is she became like a different person, she stalks every move he does she took away his phone she’s suspicious about every little thing he does, no matter how he treats her she keeps giving him a hard time and never satisfied, she began talking to herself, she faints and starts screaming like a maniac, when she sleeps she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and cursing dad, when I talk with her she never listens she keeps repeating the same thing saying she keeps replaying the words he said to that woman and its killing her and that she still can’t believe it and hopes that it’s just a nightmare she’ll wake up from and she starts questioning everything that has happened before, in short the home is a wreck dad is sick of everything, my little sisters are confused and I’m really worried about them, and mostly mom’s mental health I feel like she’s going crazy soon and its killing me no matter what we say to her she won’t listen she treats all of us badly, I just don’t know what to do I’m really worried and living a nightmare I hope I get some advice. (From Algeria)

A: I believe the only way to go forward is to talk to your dad about how difficult it is to cope with mom. I don’t believe you can manage this alone — so the work is to get the family together to talk about possibilities. You need to work together to help her and you dad needs to be a major part of the process.

Dr. Dan
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