I don’t know what is the problem with her she keeps on speaking and fighting with the family. if we say anything to her she doesn’t listen and talks very rudely to her children. I tried a lot to change her but she doesn’t change at all. She blames my dad and his family for this problem. She fights a lot with my dad and her children to. I am really frustrated with her because she just keeps on blabbering stuff and doesn’t do anything. We thought she needs a psychiatrist so we wanted to take her there but she says that she is fine and my dad needs a psychiatrist. She thinks very highly of herself. She doesn’t really care about her children too. I have a brother who is a special child but she keeps on being negative about him that he will die eventually. We get really tensed about her as she takes everything in a negative sense. We joke around with her but she starts fighting. She doesn’t even accept her mistake. It is really frustrating seeing her like this. Please help me out.

Thank You. (From India)

A: I believe your instincts are right and it sounds as if your mother needs professional help. My experience has been that someone who will not be willing to see a psychiatrist may be willing to see a regular physician. This is where I would begin. By getting her to have a complete physical you can ask to accompany her to the doctor. In talking with the physician the topic of her agitated moods will give the physician an opportunity to ask questions. Ruling out a medical cause for her behavior should be the first approach. Then the physician can make suggestions for follow-ups. I’ve found that suggestions from physicians work better than suggestions from family members.

Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral