I have a problem where I get bored of people easily. It’s something that I have had for awhile. I can talk to a person every second everyday and then the next minute it’s like a switch has flipped and they annoy me and I don’t won’t to talk to them. I hate it because it affects me everyday and my nana commented saying I could live a lonely life if I don’t get it under control. I try on multiple occasions to try to change it and hold it back but it comes to the same end result every time. Me leaving or not talking to them anymore. I’ve lost so many great friends because of it and it just makes me miserable. I’m not sure how to explain further I have trouble understanding it myself.

A. To answer your question, I would need more information about what you’re experiencing when talking to someone. For instance, are you “tuning them out” or having trouble paying attention to them? Are you simply uninterested in what they are saying? It’s possible that the people with whom you’re interacting are not of interest to you.

It’s also common for teenagers to be “bored with everything.” It might be a problem that resolves itself over time.

Another possibility is that you have an attention deficit disorder. You can read more about it here. Whether or not you have a diagnosable condition can be determined by having an in-person evaluation with your primary care physician or a mental health professional. Attention deficit disorders are most commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy. Treatment could improve your concentration and thus eliminate this problem. Discuss these options with your parents. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle