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Breaking Things When Angry, Crying for No Reason, Mood Swings

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I have trouble controlling what I speak when im angry. My mother hurts me with her words and I hurt her right back. I really don’t mean to do that it just happens.
I have trouble controlling myself from breaking crockery when im angry.
I cant communicate very effectively while talking.
Breaking crockery usually calms me down.
I have dug my nails into my mother’s arm once because she wouldn’t stop accusing me. Never again. It scares me how vicious I was.
After an outburst I cry a lot. But after that I have trouble even remembering what made me so angry. Or what words exactly triggered it.
I have a severe headache and I sleep it off.
Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep too.
I have frequent mood swings. I happy one moment and I could start crying the next. Even if it’s a commercial in TV I may start crying.
I get very sad. I hardly talk to people. It irritates me if someone tries to talk to me when im in this mood.
Other people’s habits annoy me.
Any kind of sound irritates me when im in this mood.
I cannot stand people who are fake or selfish or people who lie n deceive or those who show off.
So I avoid such company. I have very limited friends. Im very selective. Im very cynical. I either believe people too much or don’t believe them at all. Me being so critical makes most of my relationships temporary.
When I get angry, I have headaches, nausea, my eyes hurt n also I have occasionally breathlessness.
My parents stayed together because of me and usually my mother blames me for all of her problems.
I feel very guilty. N hurt. I have been trying to please them all my life. But nothing ever makes them happy.
Im normally quite content in my own bubble… talking to myself, talking to imaginary friends… I am used to staying by myself..i take up hobbies to busy myself and never get bored.
I don’t socialize much because my parents wont let me… but I do love making friends.
I really don’t know how to handle myself. I don’t like this side of mine. I don’t wish to hurt anybody with my words but I end up doing the same.
Please help. (From India)

Breaking Things When Angry, Crying for No Reason, Mood Swings

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At 27 it is time for you to move on and realize your mother’s anger, frustration, disappointment and aggravation have a big part to play in your growth and development. It is time to start making a plan to get out of her house. It might take you some time to figure out where to go and what to do, but if your conditions stay the same it is not likely your reactions will change. It is time to leave.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. DanProof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral


Breaking Things When Angry, Crying for No Reason, Mood Swings

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