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There Are People inside My Mind. Am I Going Insane?

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I have the constant feeling that I am in a fantasy world. I am like trapped in a fictive reality. Several realities to be honest. It tends to shift from one to another. I can see the things in that reality simultaneously with the “real” reality. There are even people there and they are interacting with me. The weird thing is that all those people are also trapped in my mind. I have several different identities there. And there are a few persons that seem to be a different version of me. Completely different, yet I sense they are me. They also speak and communicate with me on a daily basis. I also experience short and extreme mood swings. What is wrong with me?

There Are People inside My Mind. Am I Going Insane?

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Your symptoms are concerning. People who have trouble distinguishing reality from non-reality might be experiencing psychosis. By definition, psychosis is a break with reality. It can be caused by extreme stress, a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, a medical condition or drug use. Psychosis requires treatment. It generally does not improve on its own, but it can be effectively treated with antipsychotic medication.

Another possibility is that you are experiencing dissociation. Dissociation is the feeling of being detached from one’s surroundings. Like psychosis, it can be caused by extreme stress, a mental illness or it could be the result of drug use. Medication and trauma therapy can assist in reducing episodes of dissociation.

Begin the process of seeking help by contacting your primary care physician. After a medical cause for your symptoms has been ruled out, contact a mental health professional. He or she can determine if a mental illness is present and advise you accordingly. Mental health treatment can help you to stay grounded in reality. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

There Are People inside My Mind. Am I Going Insane?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and Assistant Professor of Social Work and Forensics with extensive experience in the field of mental health. She works in private practice with adults, adolescents and families. Kristina has worked in a large array of settings including community mental health, college counseling and university research centers.

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