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Do I Have Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder?

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I think I may have DP. My world feels very surreal. I feel “detached” from my body. I want people to see me as my mind and not my body. It’s almost as if my body is a puppet and my mind is the puppet master. Everyone sees and love the puppet but no one truly knows the one controlling it. And my body feels “fake” to me, as if it’s not truly my own body. I hardly even can recognize myself in the mirror and will sometimes avoid mirrors for this reason. I will have moments where I’m dragged out of my surreal state. Some are random, some have a cause. The times that are random if feels as if I have been flying my whole life and for but a moment I touch my feet to the earth and feel trapped. The light seems new, the people I thought I new seem like strangers. I have kind of “hypersensitivity” to the world and all motions feel strange. The things I had just been doing feel like a distant memory. This happens randomly. Sometimes I can be forcefully dragged out of my surreal state, usually by comments about my body or actions. I feel like a stranger to myself with a sudden awareness that people only see my body and my actions but they don’t truly see me, they never can see who I really am. The things I do and say seem foreign to me when I get a moment to think about it. It’s like I don’t even truly know who I am. I’m known to think I have various disorders when I don’t really so this makes me hesitate to say I have DP, though unlike times when I thought I had something like schizoid and I’d create the symptoms after learning about it, I had the symptoms previous to knowing what DP was and in fact was how I found out about DP. I don’t fit every symptom but some I do match up with. The feelings are rather mild and are more of an afterthought most of the time.

Do I Have Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder?

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While it would be foolish for me to offer a diagnosis, you are indeed describing many symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic, that are associated with this disorder. But as this article indicates there are other qualifiers.

I’d encourage you to ask your parents to help you get an evaluation by a psychiatrist or a psychologist. This will take the guesswork out of it — and allow you, more importantly, to get the right treatment.

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Do I Have Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder?

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