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I Am Very Worried about Her. Please Suggest What I Have to Do. Foods, Exercises & All Other

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it all began 2 years before. one of my family member is suffering with this problem since 2 years. one day she began talking strange asking all our family members to praise god. as she is a devotee we dint took that seriously. that night she began asking shall we all sleep together and the next night she began to shout vigorously with the name of god and started shouting. early morning we took her to doc and he prescribed some medications and suggested to take her away from home to any relatives house for some days
after 2 weeks she began normal but using her medicines. at that time i asked whats wrong. why she behaved like that on dat day. she said i heard some voices to praise the god and that voice is commanding and controlling her and also she had some crawling sensation in spine , inside head, stomach. later on she is doing well. but after a year she stopped using medicines for a month again one day she behaved strangely. so went to doctor and got medicines and she is all fine doing her works , walking but she sometimes says i cant stop my thought process (like she met someone in morning and have a little conversation then later if she stays alone.. all that conversation repeats and repeats and she gets irritated by that) and says some thing moving inside her head just like a dot.our doctor very patiently listens and changes medicines based on the symptoms she says but again the problem begins. she stopped using medicines from 2 weeks as she is feeling more sleepy all the day coz of them and she seemed fine. from the beginning of this month she is not sleeping well. hardly 5 hours.on sept 6th we met doctor and said he stopped using as she is feling sedative. he said medicines and said by using these you may feel dull and lack of appetite.she dint take medicines yesterday and today morning her behaved strangely. i asked her so many times and even showed anger. later she came to my room and said yesterday night i again heared voice to praise lord. once i praised and controlled myself a lot and couldnt sleep.i suggested her to drink milk with honey and take medicine and now she is sleeping.

I Am Very Worried about Her. Please Suggest What I Have to Do. Foods, Exercises & All Other

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It’s possible that she is experiencing a psychotic-based mental health disorder. Her symptoms are typical of psychotic disorders. A psychotic disorder involves an individual losing touch with reality. It’s unclear what causes psychotic disorders, but many researchers believe that it could involve a chemical imbalance in the brain, among other possibilities. The most effective treatment for psychotic disorders is medication.

The reason her symptoms continually return may be because she stops taking her medication. Understandably, the side effects make it difficult to continue the medication but each time she stops, her symptoms return. It’s important that she find a medication that she can tolerate and continue to use it. It is likely the key to controlling her symptoms.

It can often take a long period of time to find the right medications, the right dosages and the right combinations of medicines.

It would be best to ask her doctor your questions. He would be in the best position to give you advice. He has worked with her directly and likely has an opinion about how you can best help and support her. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Am Very Worried about Her. Please Suggest What I Have to Do. Foods, Exercises & All Other

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