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Am I a Sociopath or Psychopath or Just Weird?

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Hello all, I have been asking this question my all life. I have a lot of feelings toward pet like my puppy but nearly none towards humans. I tend to do things to manipulate to make them think of me as a good person who cares about them so they would come in handy when I need them. The thing is I am totally unaware of my doings when I do it but only after when I start to analyze my actions later. I realize that my actions become something natural, like it’s common sense for me to pretend that I care about someone. And when I come to sense later, I would feel odd about myself but no guilt or distress.

I have very bad temper but amazingly good at controlling it. I tried to put myself into many situations and I realized I tend to stay really calm no matter what. No signs of fear or freaking out. I put myself in motor accidents, rule breaking, etc. I did not feel a lot.

But I absolutely have emotions and absolutely have never done anything to hurt insects or any other animals. However, I have no problems putting someone in hard situation for displeasing or pissing me off. I am able to manipulate or make someone feel bad or think it’s their fault if something goes wrong.

I do care and do love for one person. I am in a relationship and my boyfriend also thinks I’m quite insensitive towards things but very sweet to him. Like besides him, no other human actually matters. He also thinks I am very alluring, consuming, the way I look or talk can make him feel extremely bad and good at times. He thinks I’m someone he’s been looking for but I know I was not born being someone who satisfies his standards but more like after hearing him talking about who he is looking for, I unconsciously become that person and consume him. However, I truly care and love this person. Whatever is wrong with me, I think he can cure it.

I am constantly filled with ideas and bored at the same time. My work results, my weight, my look has never been stable. As I am working towards a more stable life with my bf, I hope to get myself figured out with some opinions.

Am I a Sociopath or Psychopath or Just Weird?

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When mental health professionals make clinical judgments, they gather a comprehensive psychosocial history about that person. Many of the traits that you have described could or could not be indicative of sociopathy or psychopathy, but a diagnostic determination requires extensive interviewing. Since I have so little information about you, it is difficult to answer your question.

If you want a deeper understanding of your personality or to know whether you have a psychological disorder, then consult a mental health professional who conducts personality testing. If the personality traits you have described are negatively impacting your life, consider counseling. Thanks for your question. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Am I a Sociopath or Psychopath or Just Weird?

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