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I Just Feel like School Is Really Killing Me

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From Sarajevo: I believe i might have some problems, but before seeing a doctor i feel its easier to get some advice here. So, this has been going for a longer time, i can’t really say it is since childhood. It’s really bothering me right now because school is getting a lot harder and I feel like i can’t keep up.

Most of the time in school i feel so tired and sleepy. Doesn’t really matter how much sleep i get, small or a lot or barely. its same for me. Also i cant concentrate enough, like on maths, I can follow for the first few minutes then my mind goes into wander and when i come back to myself i realise that i missed half of a lection, so i just give up on writing and just lay on the table or something.

Even if i feel sleepy i never fall asleep on classes. When its come to studying at home there are like few moments in year when i can concentrate fully and learn a really hard lesson, but most of the time I cant even concentrate to read one page.between my friends in class i’m known like a slow-paced,tired,zero will guy,and even my grades say so.

The thing is when class ends its like all my energy comes back to me and i dont feel sleepy at all.In normal life outside of school i am perfectly normal,i go to gym i try to keep a healthy diet.lately i’ve been searching the net a bit to find some answers and what i came up with is that i could probably have adhd, and i also realised i feel a bit anxious about school and people usually.

And also i have a big problem going to sleep on when the school starts at 7am i would fall asleep at 4am. And my sleep cycle becomes a big mess, even if on some days if i sleep normally, i will just have one day when i won’t be able to fall asleep untill 4-5. But like I said before it doesnt matter much for me how much sleep I get because in school i will feel really sleeeeeeepy on boring classes.When its summer break i dont feel sleepy during the day. I do things normally, go outside,play sports or whatever.I just feel like school is really killing me.

I Just Feel like School Is Really Killing Me

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I think you have two inter-related problems. If I’m right, the good news is that they can be fixed. Before I even got to the line in your letter where you speculated about ADHD, I was already thinking that ADHD might be an issue. Spacing out or feeling sleepy when overwhelmed is a common behavior in kids with learning disabilities. I don’t know if the problem is ADHD or something else. I do know that the first thing I would do if you came to see me would be to refer you for testing to see if a learning disability is at the root of your problems in school.

Secondly: You yourself said that your sleep cycle is very erratic. This is not good. Sleep deprivation results in problems with memory and concentration — issues you also talk about in your letter. I urge you to request a sleep study to see why you are having such difficulty getting to sleep.

If part of the problem is that you are staying up to play video games, then you need to change your playing time. Screen time stimulates the brain and makes it hard to fall asleep. Turn off all screens (phone, computer, tablet, whatever) at least an hour before bedtime (say 9:00 p.m.) and do something more restful like taking a warm bath or listening to calming music. There are lots of sites on the Internet that will give you more tips on how to readjust your sleep cycles.

If you are not successful on your own, please see a sleep specialist to get further support to normalize your sleep. Your health — and your schooling — depend on it.

I’m very glad you wrote to us now while you are a teen instead of waiting a few more years. Treating these difficulties now will position you to be a more successful adult.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Just Feel like School Is Really Killing Me

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