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My Body Is Ruining My Life!

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From Egypt: i have acne not only in my face but in my body too , shoulders , chest and my back i aslo have stretch marks, cellulite and im over weight! i have every thing that makes me hate myself, i go to the gym but still hate myself , i aslo tried to treat my acne but its not helping. this really affecting my self-esteem and my social life i dont feel confident at all and i hate myself

whenever i look to the other girls i feel like they are so lucky to at least have good skin but for me i got nothing , im so ugly and i cant do anything about it just to keep hating myself

My Body Is Ruining My Life!

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I’m so. so sorry that you feel this way. But your problem is not your body. Your problem is a low self-esteem. You don’t like yourself so you won’t let other people like you either.

There are several American actors and actresses who are overweight and not leading man/woman beautiful. None the less, they are stars because they are friendly, engaging people. You could do the same. But at this point, you are so discouraged, you don’t believe it.

I don’t usually recommend my own book on this site but in your case I think it might be helpful. The title is Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem. It’s a workbook that focuses on practical strategies for improving self-esteem.

It might also be helpful to see a counselor for some support and encouragement as you work to make changes in your self-image and your health.

That’s not to ignore the physical issues. You do need to follow up on treatment for the acne. I hope you are seeing a dermatologist for advice. Some strategic use of make-up might also help you feel better about your appearance. Exercise is not enough to control weight. I suggest you see an nutritionist to develop a plan.

You deserve treatment, not self-hatred. Please follow through and see the professionals who can give you the guidance you need.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My Body Is Ruining My Life!

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