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I Feel Stuck, Unfulfilled and Am Always Imagining Myself Being Somewhere Else

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From Canada: I would like to describe to you how I have been feeling lately and am interested to hear your thoughts and advice about how I could best deal with these emotions and feelings in a positive and constructive way.

I love traveling and experiencing new things however, every time I return home from a trip, whether it is shorter or longer, I start to feel really down and like my life is being wasted at home.

I am constantly dreaming of and imagining myself being somewhere else and living a different life, yet I feel almost powerless to change my current situation and not in control of my life. My job as an administrative assistant is unfulfilling and boring, yet I am paid well and am too scared to quit my job and find another, because I keep thinking, “what if the next job I choose is even worse?” I do feel like I need to change my job, but I just don’t know where to begin and am fearful of not finding something any better, with my limited skills.

I can’t stop my brain from thinking about my past travel memories and trying to relive those moments. I feel like it gets in the way of me enjoying the present moment when I am always trying to live in the past or dream of the future when I can get away again.

I am also always thinking that the grass must be greener on the other side, yet I understand that nobody’s life is perfect and there are always challenges. I follow a lot of travel bloggers on social media and can’t help but wish for their life of constant travel and exploring.

I feel completely unmotivated and stuck in my current life and routine and sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and go to work, in addition to actually working, finishing projects and setting goals for myself.

I have trouble finding joy and happiness in the mundane and routine aspects of life. My daily life feels so monotonous and every day blends together.

Do you have any advice for how to deal with these feelings that I have been experiencing? I would greatly appreciate any tips that you can provide to me!

I Feel Stuck, Unfulfilled and Am Always Imagining Myself Being Somewhere Else

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I think it’s possible that your unhappiness is a way you are telling yourself you need to make important changes in your life. I understand why you are afraid to leave a good job. But you said a very important thing in your letter: You said you have limited skills.

I imagine that as an administrative assistant, you do have skills in organization, word processing, and managing tasks. What you don’t have are the skills you need to put them to work to advance your interests.

My advice is that you start taking courses at your local college that are compatible with your dreams. Have you thought of the hospitality business? How about cruise line work? Or maybe you’d like to work outside your own country for a few years (in which case, you might need to learn another language).

Start with one course you can take during evenings or with workshops that happen on weekends. Taking some positive action and being around classmates who share your interests will probably give you the push you need to start feeling better and in more control of your life.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Feel Stuck, Unfulfilled and Am Always Imagining Myself Being Somewhere Else

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