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What Am I? Selective Mutism? Can’t Sleep? Crazy? Stress? Anxiety?

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Someone has probably asked about this but anyways. I took the quiz and it stated that I have around 9 serious concerns. I will try to make it simple. (Please note that the following issues hv been going for a 3 months or above)

Single child. Not in relationship. Student. Not poor or rich

Past issues (gotten over): Mysophobia

Selective Mutism? Im am a shy quite girl since young but I do talk a lot to a few close friends.Most of the time, People do approach me and talk to me, but Im always having a hard time to respond or reply them. It seems that there’s a wall in my voicebox and I couldn’t make out any voices. If I do respond to them, it’ll always be a nod or a single word reply. People always said:”Why are you so quite?””Are you depressed?”

I do like shutting myself from everyone even my family. I tend to always lock myself up at home. Watching or reading or drawing in my room. Im always on the Internet but I don’t communicate with anyone on social media. Well, I don’t like to communicate with anyone either in real life.

I cant sleep recently. I’ve been getting less than 3h of sleep everyday. Maybe it’s due to the loads of schoolwork and exams. I have two important exams this year and this stressed me out. I always have loads of thoughts bfore I sleep and it is really suffering. I just cant stop thinking.

I hv serious mood swings but Im mostly feel down (for no reasons). I suffered heavy breathing whenever the teachers call me up or when im panicked. I get stomachache from times to times whenever I go to school. I panicked at everything. I have really low self esteem. Sometimes, I cried for no reasons.

Maybe everything I said above is not really a big deal, I might just be thinking too much and make it seem so serious. Consult a profession therapist? Impossible, my parents always just shrugged of this problems. If I were to go and consult, my parents would think that Im insane.

Following serious concerns detected which I think it might be true: Depression, Self esteem, General Coping, Anxiety, Obsessions/Compulsions, Posttraumatic Stress.

What Am I? Selective Mutism? Can’t Sleep? Crazy? Stress? Anxiety?

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Being a teenager is difficult. It’s more difficult than most people realize. Emotionally, it can be a monumental struggle. The good news, is that it won’t last forever and it gets better.

Having said that, your experiences are consistent with people who have depression and anxiety but only an in-person evaluation, with a mental health professional, could determine a diagnosis. You should consult a therapist. That would be the most efficient and most meaningful approach to solving this problem.

You said that your parents will think that you are “insane” if you were to ask for professional help but that might not be true. It might be the reaction that you fear. Fears are often irrational and yours might be too. Have you ever genuinely asked them to assist you in consulting a mental health professional? If not, that should be your next step.

Try making a sincere plea to them for their assistance in consulting a mental health professional. To demonstrate your seriousness, you might show them the letter you wrote to us at Psych Central. If they still don’t take you seriously, then consider discussing this matter with a school faculty member who would contact your parents for you.

Your problems are highly treatable with therapy. You should try to convince your parents that you want and need treatment. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

What Am I? Selective Mutism? Can’t Sleep? Crazy? Stress? Anxiety?

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