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My Dad Has Developed Weird Patterns

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From the U.S.: My father’s mental health has been deteriorating lately. No one in the family talks to him except me and my little sister (10). He went from this quiet guy when I was growing up to someone who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if his opinion made sense. He has this obsession with rhyming all the time. He thinks it’s funny. It’s not. And he does it all the time. He thinks its so good, it’ll be the hottest thing to hit Vegas. For Example: (If you don’t read all of it, I don’t blame you.)

“I will be like a hot potato on fire and when I start there will be no slowing me down and I will touch the ground my ass will get the cash as I smoke the grass in a mad dash so I will not get a rash kiss the monkey in the mouth as you chase the monkey down south punk will suck then he must f– till 1 oclock then he will catch the truck to get a fucking ugly duck then they will be out of luck and out of their mind as they get a dirty behind then they will resign”

I feel bad for him. He has no one in his life besides me, my sister, and whoever he sees behind a cash register.

While I’m out here trying to live my life, I also cannot post anything on facebook and socialize with my friends because my comment section becomes his comedy hour.

I don’t want him to feel cut off from my life, but I also cannot tolerate this any longer. What do I do?

My Dad Has Developed Weird Patterns

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You are right to be concerned. The fact that this is new behavior is a red flag that something is seriously wrong. He shouldn’t have to deteriorate more before something is done. You, and especially your little sister, shouldn’t have to put up with this.

You didn’t mention what your mother is doing in response to this behavior. If she is in the picture, she is probably in a better position to get your dad to the right help than you are. If she is not available, then please enlist the aid of someone your dad respects to help you take the steps that need to be taken.

He needs to see a doctor. He needs a complete physical check up to determine if there is an undiagnosed medical problem. A heart condition, a thyroid problem, even some vitamin deficiencies (to mention a few possibilities) can cause this kind of erratic behavior and irrational thinking.

If he is medically fine, then the family needs to get him to a mental health professional. I don’t have enough information to make a diagnosis, of course. But an interview with a professional will help determine whether there is a mental health issue.

Your father is a lucky man to have such a caring son. Trust your good instincts and do what you can to get him the help he needs.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

My Dad Has Developed Weird Patterns

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