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Fetish Masturbation

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I am 50 year old. as far as i can remember, I have been masturbating from when i was 13 or 14 yrs old. I like masturbation better than sex, I can watch videos and do it. also i like to wear woman’s lingerie or tight clothes and masturbate. I also like bondage videos. I am sometimes jealous of the girls that can wear nice clothes, high heels etc. I am confused. do i have any psychological issue? thanks a lot.

Fetish Masturbation

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According to studies, masturbation is very common. Generally, people masturbate more when they’re younger than they do when they’re older, but that’s not true for everyone. Between the ages of 50 to 59, one study showed that approximately 55% of males masturbated at least once per month. Considering the social desirability bias in studies (i.e. survey takers might lie to be seen more favorably), that number is likely higher than 55%.

Perhaps you prefer masturbation because you’re worried about being judged for your sexual interests by your partner. When you’re alone, you’re free to do what you want. If you haven’t shared your interests with your partner, this might be why you prefer masturbation over sex. The idea of interpersonal sex might feel limiting to you.

Cross-dressers tend to be heterosexual men who sometimes wear women’s clothes. They do not desire to undergo sex reassignment surgery to become a woman. Though there are no reliable statistics about how many people engage in cross-dressing, researchers have indicated that it is common in every major culture.

Bondage is also a common sexual interest. Authors of the book titled, A Billion Wicked Thoughts studied anonymous internet searches for pornography in what might be considered the largest study about sexuality ever conducted. They found that domination and submission, the category under which bondage would fall into, was a common interest across all of the cultures they studied. Domination and submission was one of the most popular areas of sexual interest. In fact, it was so common an interest that it might be considered a universal interest across cultures.

Your sexual interests appear to be fairly common. Without more information and hearing more about your concerns, your question about whether or not you have a psychological issue is difficult to answer. If you’re concerned about your sexuality or have additional questions, you might consider consulting a sex therapist. He or she could answer your question. You might also want to read the book that I mentioned above. It is an informative resource about human sexuality. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Fetish Masturbation

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