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Am I Developing Schizophrenia or Psychosis?

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I am really sorry because i know that you probably get asked this all the time but i have looked and there is nothing that is similar to mine.

So when i was 8 i used to hear voices. I remember one time i was laying in bed and a really loud angry man’s voice shouted “you stupid girl, you didn’t press the right button.” My mum came up and saw me crying and i told her, but she told me a dreamed it when i’m positive that i didn’t. Another time i heard a voice was also when i was 8 and i kicked the ball away from my brother and a voice said “Pick that up and say sorry.” and i did as it said.

Then they all stopped until recently.

Last year i was on a bike ride with my mum when i heard a mans voice in my ear say “6,7” multiple times. I had been baptized a few months before so i convinced myself God was telling me Bible passages. I even told my friends who agreed… but i don’t think they believed me and they just didn’t want to hurt me.

The most recent ones happened a few weeks ago. I was reading in bed and i thought “i have to sleep now” and a female voice right in my ear said “you don’t need to” i was so scared. And the other night, i was about to sleep when i heard a boys voice say “hellooo” and then another voice followed but i couldn’t make out what it was saying.

I’m also very paranoid, always thinking people are talking about me, judging me or watching me. If someones laughing in the distance i think that it’s about me… I have also had (and this has been for a while) this thing where i look at the wall or floor and it appears like it’s moving, like waves or as if it’s breathing. I’m also scared for me or my parents to open to door if someone knocks incase it’s a murderer or someone ready to attack us. I also lack motivation to do things, i don’t really show emotion and i kind of feel dead, like there is no emotion in me.

I’m 15 and i really need advice. Am i developing schizophrenia or psychosis or am i being stupid?

Am I Developing Schizophrenia or Psychosis?

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┬áIt’s never “stupid” to be concerned about your mental health. Your vigilance is good. I’m glad you asked your question.

It’s normal to hear our own voice in our head. It might represent our consciousness, but you are hearing voices that you do not recognize and that is concerning. More information is necessary to determine what might be wrong.

I would like to know more about what was happening in your life when you heard these voices. For instance, had you experienced a stressful day or had you not slept well the night before? I would also want to know things such as: what is your family life like, whether you’re taking medication, whether you have ever had a head injury or have used illegal drugs, and so forth.

I would recommend asking your parents to take you to a mental health professional. He or she will gather information about your symptoms, your psychosocial history and determine what might be wrong. Most importantly, the therapist will develop a treatment plan for how to best address these symptoms.

Depending upon what might be wrong, the consulting professional might suggest being evaluated by a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe medication for mental health problems, if necessary. You may not need medication but you, your therapist and your parents can make that determination after gathering more information about your symptoms.

I hope this helps you know how to proceed. You might think it’s frightening to ask for help but it won’t prove to be true. Mental health professionals know how to treat these problems. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Am I Developing Schizophrenia or Psychosis?

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