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I Think I Might Have Had Some Sort of Seizure

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From the U.S.: I was laying flat on my back, eyes closed, and all of a sudden as I’m trying to fall asleep, I start feeling heavier and heavier, like my body is suddenly gaining mass and pressing me into the mattress. I start shaking, and my heartbeat is going crazy. The next thing I know, I’m seeing things. Like, dreaming, but not. I can still feel my body, and I’m not all the way asleep, and I can kind of see shapes and impressions of things but it’s all made up of black. There’s no color to it. It all feels very real, and all of a sudden, as I’m trying to pick up a box in this not-dream, I can’t lift it. It isn’t that the box is heavy, it’s that my arms just won’t lift! I can just feel my heart going faster and faster, and my entire body is almost buzzing. I open my eyes, shaking, and my arms feel like they’ve been straining at something for hours. I have to roll over and curl up against the wall because my body is still freaking out. The entire thing lasted about half an hour. What the heck just happened to me?? All I know is that my arms and shoulders are still tensed an hour later (not like constantly, but I definitely feel like they’re still trying to tense all the time), and my heart is still not back to normal yet.

I Think I Might Have Had Some Sort of Seizure

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What you are reporting may be sleep paralysis. This happens when the normal atonia that happens in REM stage sets in sooner than usual. Those who experience it report feeling as though they are being held down or that they have become solid and heavy. Often other sensory phenomena occur at the same time. Do a little research and see if the information validates your experience.

However — If you believe you may have had a seizure, you should be contacting your doctor immediately, especially if this has happened before. The Internet can be a useful source of information, but it is not a substitute for medical help when something is a serious concern.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Think I Might Have Had Some Sort of Seizure

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