I am 15. I live in a family of 6 (my dad, mom, sister, myself, and my 2 dogs). This is about my father, he is a narcissist who smokes a lot. Everyday, he calls my mom, my sister and I awful names whenever we disagree with him and seems to enjoy making my little sister cry. He is also very rude to our dogs, he’s always chasing them away from us and they dislike him very much, he leaves the female one, Lucy, alone cause she always barks at him, leaving our male, Domino, to be hurt. Whenever Domino doesn’t want to be near him, my dad would yell at him and out of fear, Domino would come to him, then my dad would grab him my the neck and smack him for not coming to him sooner. He mostly calls my mother names whenever she would state an opinion. The names he calls her are b****, c***, stupid and other awful things, with no reason at all. And he would always call us retarded if we said something that was wrong or he believed was wrong, while making a gesture. Me and my sister know my mom doesn’t deserve to be treated so horribly and we just want it to stop

A: Thank you for writing us here. It take courage to speak up about the verbal abuse you are experiencing at home. It isn’t okay for your father to continually do this and there is help you can get. First, I would talk to your mom about this and ask for her help in dealing with this family issue. If she is unable or unwilling, I would let the counselors at your high school know what is going on. They are trained in helping. Finally, I would talk to the woman’s center in your county that can help. http://www.wellspringwomen.org/

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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