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I Hate Myself So Much I Hit Myself

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I have a very hard time explaining things so Im going to keep this short. I have a lot of problems with me as a person and every time I think about my problem I just get this sinking feeling then I get angry and just sometimes I hit myself like punch my head. I have social anxiety, suicidal depression, ADHD, and Im pretty sure I have dyslexia as I have a very hard time forcing myself to read things. I started hating myself since 1 year ago and it just keeps getting worse. I’ve been in home hospital since the start of 9th grade because I could never focus in class because of my social anxiety and ADHD, its been helping but not enough and none of my parents are helpful since they cant relate. I dont know who to go to so Im going to try to find help here.

I Hate Myself So Much I Hit Myself

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I’m sorry that you are having such a difficult time. Clearly you are suffering. It’s imperative that you ask for help even if you believe that your parents can’t relate. They need to know what’s wrong. You need to tell them about your symptoms.

If they won’t listen, then tell someone else you trust or who you think can help. That might be an adult relative, a friend’s parents, a trusted faculty member, or a school counselor. Tell whoever you think can help you. School officials should be aware of your dyslexia.

Do your best to avoid hurting yourself. It only makes things worse. I understand you’re frustrated, but you must find a healthy alternative for your strong emotions.

The following ideas are not replacements for mental health treatment but may help in the meantime. Try exercising. Many people find exercise helpful for reducing strong emotions. You might also try breathing exercises or meditation, playing a musical instrument, watching a funny movie, walking in nature, drawing, calling a friend, volunteering, or spending time with a pet.

Our behavior influences how we feel. The aforementioned ideas do not cure mental illness, but they can have a calming effect which can temporarily make you feel better. They can prevent you from engaging in self-harm and reduce your stress levels. If you harm yourself, then you will feel worse. Make an effort to never harm yourself again and to try other ways of reducing stress.

What’s most important and imperative is that you ask for help. I know it can be difficult, but you must not keep this problem to yourself. I urge you to ask for help and to do so immediately. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Hate Myself So Much I Hit Myself

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