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Mood Swings / Unmotivated / Dead / Possessive

Asked by on with 1 answer: the past, I’d say about 2 years, on and off again I experience drastic mood swings that can cause me to feel empowered and ambitious, or empty and dead. However they are not spontaneous..usually (90% or more of the time) they are caused by me being paranoid and possessive of my boyfriend. I trust him and he has never done anything to make me feel otherwise; but I still feel like I can’t let my guard down. For example, I could go from being in an ecstatic mood and be on top of the world and a chick could talk to him about homework or how to contact him ; anything and I’d automatically get in a rut. On top of this, I feel like I consistently need to be paid attention to by people close to me, but I hate being in the spotlight! I like being alone most of the time and prefer everyone to keep their distance from me yet I feel like I need some sort of praise from him, my family, my *close* friends. It’s getting kind of hard to deal with because when I get in the “empty” state of mind I feel unmotivated and end up neglecting school work, chores, activities, everything. I feel like it is not worth the trouble of dealing with and this just drives me deeper in since the lack of work ethic makes the future even harder to deal with. I constantly worry of the future and these mood swings are messing with my life. I just want something to go by – some advice for what could even kind of help. Anything. Even a new diet or something..Just..I just want to get out of this hole but I feel like it’s impossible. Please help me . I appreciate it immensely…

Mood Swings / Unmotivated / Dead / Possessive

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It would help if you could speak to a counselor. He or she could help you understand why you feel the way you do, but most importantly how to work through these feelings. Feelings happen to us; you can’t control them but you can control how you respond to them. You don’t always have to “give in” to your feelings. Just because you feel a particular way doesn’t mean your feelings are accurate.

I would recommend speaking to your parents about seeing a counselor. Hopefully, they’re willing to assist you in seeking help. If you’re planning to see a counselor, start a journal to record your day-to-day feelings. It could assist both you and your counselor to identify problematic patterns in your thinking.

Are there friends with whom you can speak when you’re feeling bad? What about certain family members? Having a strong social support network can help you during difficult times. You might also try self-help workbooks. Try your local library. Some of the best self-help workbooks are written by David Burns.

I would also recommend speaking to your school guidance counselor about these problems. He or she can provide you with immediate assistance and speak to your parents about seeing a counselor. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Mood Swings / Unmotivated / Dead / Possessive

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