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Asperger’s Diagnosis Is Confusing Me

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When I was a little boy, I would have eccentric, restricted repetitive behaviors, interests, and activities. I already knew how to read when I was three years old. I would memorize TV commercials and all the logos in them. I would create towers with plastic letters, I would get obsessed with topics such as dinosaurs, then animals, then comics and books, etc. I’ve always had strange, rare and obsessive thoughts, for example, when I was very young: I would visualize the sentence: “God is an idiot” in the Argentinian flag. I would try to stop the thought but I was unable to do it. I would fear words like “NO” or “STOP” for no reason and my mind would just keep making me remember those words during night. I would easily memorize long digits, movie scripts and logos. I also was a little clumsy, I would fall to the ground for no reason. I had trouble paying attention; I would play with my colored pencils during class. All these traits, plus my current behavior (intimacy avoidance, social withdrawal, lack of empathy, lack of eye contact, repetitive motor movements) were enough for my neurologist to diagnose me with Aspergers Syndrome. I was also told that I had superiority feelings (I guess it is a defense mechanism because when I was a kid, a psychologist told my mother that I had inferiority feelings and I am not a narcissistic at all), but there are thoughts in my brain that make me wonder if the diagnosis was incorrect. I don’t know if they are the same OCD type thoughts that I had as a kid but these thoughts tell me that I am a narcissistic person, that I am misdiagnosed, I can“t really explain those thoughts but they are confusing me. I was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder before being diagnosed with Aspergers. I do understand sarcasm. I do understand most non verbal cues. These thoughts just confuse me, and I feel like I do not know the truth about myself. What are these thoughts exactly? Are they common in other cases of Aspergers?

Asperger’s Diagnosis Is Confusing Me

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In the newest version of the manual professionals used to diagnose mental health disorders, Asperger’s has been re-categorized as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Additional distinctions are made based upon the severity of the disorder. Severity levels are determined by how much an individual struggles with social communication and repetitive behavior patterns.

People with autism spectrum disorders have difficulty with social communication and social interaction in multiple areas of their lives. You may have deficits in some of these abilities and less or no deficits in others. The continuum allows for a range of skills and symptoms.

Many of the symptoms you described are characteristic of people with ASD’s. Based upon the information you provided, it seems to be the best diagnostic fit, but your diagnosing physicians would be in the best position to know since they interviewed you in person and collected an extensive personal history. Asperger’s was the diagnosis they believe best fit your symptoms. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Asperger’s Diagnosis Is Confusing Me

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