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Confusion about ADHD Medication

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From Denmark: Hi, I am living in Denmark, I found your website, very interesting about ADHD and, I have a question about medication, which I would to have some advice about. And sorry if my message is a bit long.

I am a 35 male, diagnosed with ADHD, for 4 months ago. I do work as a doctor, taking my residency in orthopedic surgery. Due to the stress at work, my symptoms were aggravating, and I was at the point of loosing my residency. That’s why I sought help, at a psychologist and a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with ADHD.

1) I started with 5 mg Ritalin, increasing to 20 mg x 1, which was the optimal dose. Then I started to take it 3 times a day. It was very good. But I was interested in taking a drug that lasts a long time so I do not need to take it many times.

2) My psychiatrist, changed me to Concerta 18 mg x 2, and then increased 36 mg x 2. But I could feel nothing at all. I felt kind of depressed.

3) My psychiatrist changed me back to Ritalin long long lasting, this time, 50 mg x 3 a dag. I had no sideffects, and it was working I got more productive, and the inner and outer restless disappeared, so I could sit and study quietly and focused. The problem is that I have to take it every 3,5 hours, which is not optimal at work, and after 3-4 weeks I starts to get ticks in my eyes and tachycardia.

4) Lately my psychiatrist changed med to Vyvanse 50 mg x 1 and Ritalin 10 mg as a supplement as needed. The problem is I cannot feel any changes with Vyvanse, other than no appetite, I feel a lot of inner and outer restless, I cannot sit and study, I start procrastinate. But as soon as I take 20 mg Ritalin. After like 25-30 min. my body quiets, no restless legs, no inner anxiety.

My questions are:
– should I increase Vyvanse to 70 mg ?
– Is it better to go back long lasting Ritalin ?
– I have night shifts sometimes ( 15:30 – 09:00) … who should I take medication there ?

Sorry for the long mail, but I hope you can give med some advice.
Thank you

Confusion about ADHD Medication

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As I am not a physician I cannot give medical advice, but I can point you in the direction of some comprehensive information about effective medicines and concomitant treatments. This article will give you some excellent information on the medicines — but perhaps more importantly — information about concomitant treatment with psychotherapy. The combination of medicine with therapy tends to be most effective. As your email only focused on the medical aspects, I thought sharing some of what we know about other effective treatments would be helpful.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Confusion about ADHD Medication

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