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Unhealthy Obsession with a Celebrity

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I’m 18 and am deeply obsessed with a celebrity who’s 15 years older than me. I’m unable to concentrate on my studies and everything. He’s a singer and the thought of his voice makes me love him all the more. I’ve been wasting all my time searching about him watching all his interviews, performances, etc. I think I have an intense-personal level of obsession. I can’t stop myself from imagining myself with him..HELP!

Unhealthy Obsession with a Celebrity

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The most important thing you said is “help.” You know that you are out of control. That’s the first step toward getting back in charge of your life.

Often, when someone like yourself is obsessed like this, it is in the service of avoiding something that is troubling or frightening. At 18, you are at a time of life when there are many important decisions to be made. Will you go out to work or will you go on to more school? Whether work or school, what is your life/career direction? Will you leave home or will you continue to live with your parents? Are you interested in getting involved with someone? You are certainly not alone if questions like these make you anxious.

The fantasy keeps you occupied and prevents you from experiencing romantic rejection. But it isn’t helping you get on with life. By asking for help, you’ve admitted to yourself that you can’t get out of the spin on your own. I hope you will listen to your wise self and get the help you need. A therapist can help you put your attention back to where it belongs.

I wish you well
Dr. Marie

Unhealthy Obsession with a Celebrity

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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