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Pedophile Fear

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Hello everyone, about a week ago I started to have intrusive sexual thoughts about children and am very tired of having them. I don’t even find these fantasies arousing, I find them more annoying, but in the end all this train of thought leads me to is panic of being a pedophile and tiny stomach pains. I just went on a site that says if you have thoughts like I did you are automatically a pedophile. I would never in all good consciousness ever harm a child like that!

I have talked to my family about it and they say I am not that type of person and never will be. Please someone be kind and explain to me why this is happening! I want to be a good and honorable person…I don’t want to let my family down by being a monster.

Pedophile Fear

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I’m not sure what website you visited, but it’s wrong. The Internet is full of misinformation. There is so much of it that the Washington Post dedicated an entire column to it called “What’s Fake on the Internet This Week?” by Caitlin Dewey. The column ran for 82 straight weeks, but, as of December 2015, it no longer exists. That’s not because there was a shortage of fake stories but because when Ms. Dewey tried to debunk certain false stories, especially those that were political in nature, she was disturbed by the fact that some people believed in them more strongly. Not believing in reality is a sign of an unhealthy mind.

The intrusive thoughts you are describing might be characteristic of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts and compulsions. Though not an official diagnostic label, there exists a certain type of OCD called pedophile OCD. People with pedophile OCD are convinced, typically not based on facts but instead on incessant worry, that they will become pedophiles. Typically, people with pedophile OCD are not pedophiles. Louisville, Kentucky has a treatment center that specializes in, among other things, pedophile OCD. You can read more about their program here.

Treatment for this type of OCD is similar to what is recommended to all people with OCD. These include medication and therapy. OCD is a highly treatable condition. Generally speaking, untreated OCD tends to become worse over time. Consider seeing a specialist in OCD. The sooner, the better. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Pedophile Fear

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