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My Anxiety & Depression Are Interfering with My Life

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I have been battling with Anxiety and Depression since I graduated college (2000). I am currently taking 40mg Celexa daily. I find that even on the Celexa, I am very moody and quick to anger. I find that little things just send me into a negative mood and for the rest of the day, I am just grumpy all the time.Some days are good, but I find the most days I am grumpy and no fun to be around. I was perscribed medical marijuana for my back last may and I only take a 25-50mg pill when I am in pain. What I find though has me confused. When I take a medical marijuana pill, I feel like a veil is removed and the person I should be is present (not stoned, just enough to remove the pain). I am nice, I am not as stressed, I am able to show the emotions I wish I could every day. I just feel like the person I should always be. When not on my medical marijuana, I again am anxious, quick to anger, grumpy, the idea of going to the store is a chore, everything becomes a chore.
I really want to know why I cannot be the man who can show emotion to his family and not be such a downer. I really want to find out what I can do to get past my issues and be the man my family deserves.

My Anxiety & Depression Are Interfering with My Life

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You said that when you took medical marijuana you felt better. It seems that the medical marijuana took away your pain, the potential source of your misery. Chronic pain can cause a great deal of psychological distress. It takes away from the satisfaction of life. It’s difficult to be happy when you’re in pain.

Some people have chronic pain because of health conditions or accidents, and so forth. I’m wondering why you’re in so much pain. If you still have chronic pain, why did you stop taking the medical marijuana? If you no longer felt pain, your psychological symptoms might disappear. The use of medical marijuana seems to be helping you and you should discuss this with your doctor.

You’re taking an antidepressant that does not seem to be helping. You might need to try a different medication or a different dosage. Talk to your prescribing physician about how to remedy this.

Have you considered counseling? Medication without counseling is often not enough to effectively treat psychological symptoms. Counseling provides an opportunity to determine whether your depression and anxiety is the result of chronic pain or something else.

Ultimately, it seems that more investigation is necessary to determine the source of the problem. A therapist can help you determine what’s wrong, but most importantly how to correct this problem. If chronic pain is at the heart of your problem, then it needs to be treated. A pain clinic could help you. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

My Anxiety & Depression Are Interfering with My Life

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