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I Self Harm But I’m Not Depressed

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From England: I’m 40 and I self harm but I’m not depressed part of my mind is just OCD about self harming and the action of it, with is now out of control.

I have done CBT, DBT and CAT in the part when I was depressed which lasted for about five years. Thanks to CBT I stopped feeling depressed and stopped self harming this was four years ago.

then two years ago I self harmed out of the blue. I’ve been in a good mood and there is no problems, I am in the middle of planning to move with lots of support but the self harming which is life indangering because I push things into my abdoman damageing bowel,

I don’t want to self harm and working hard to use all the skill I’ve learnt over the years. this works for a week or two then I to have a swich click and I end up having to go to hospital to have it removed and I have to dial with all that.

the self harming feel like its the only problem but its controling my life even tho I don’t need to do it, its pointless and will kill me if it continues please help me?

I Self Harm But I’m Not Depressed

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Why on earth are you trying to handle this on your own? If you haven’t been able to stop self-harming for two years, you already know you can’t do it yourself. I’m very, very concerned for your safety!

Please contact the therapist who worked with you successfully in the past. If she or he isn’t available, find another CBT therapist. You know the techniques work for you. But you apparently need some additional support to manage what has become a life-threatening habit. There is no shame in needing a compassionate and supportive person in your life.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Self Harm But I’m Not Depressed

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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