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I Am Dealing with Memory Loss

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I am dealing with memory loss. So far doctors are unable to find the cause. Last year my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Often dealing with the medical industry is stressful and our health issues are stressful. I am not depressed all the time just periodically when pressures build up. Often I am unaware that pressures are building up and I have an emotional breakdown. I feel like my memory issues have made me less able to deal with stress so I am breaking down emotionally more easily. What can be done about this as I am not depressed all the time?

I Am Dealing with Memory Loss

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My sympathies for all you and your husband are going through. I’m so glad you have conferred with your doctor. As we age, there are many possible reasons for memory loss. I hope you talked about whether you are getting enough sleep as that is a frequent culprit. Having screened out the medical issues, it does sound like stress is taking its toll on you.

You say that you are often unaware of the build up of pressure and stress. That suggests to me that you are by nature someone who takes care of everyone else, sometimes at the price of your own well-being. Perhaps you are so used to putting others first and doing what needs to be done that you’ve lost touch with your own warning signals that you need to rest.

I suggest you find a counselor for yourself, not because I think you have a mental illness (I don’t have any information to suggest you do), but because you need an hour a week where the focus is just on you. A counselor can help you reconnect with your own needs and can provide coaching for coping. Another option (better yet, an additional one) is to locate a support group for spouses of people who are chronically ill. People in the same situation are often the most powerful sources of support and information.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Am Dealing with Memory Loss

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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