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There Seems to Be Something Wrong with My Brain

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From 13 year old girl in Canada: I seem to alter my personality in mirror of who is with me. I feel like a different person, even if I don’t talk when I am around others. When I am alone I act more comfortably, more like myself; a little emotionless.

I also have been hallucinating and hearing voices I’ve never known before, or strange things like aardvark-like creatures.
I used to be a bit delusional before, but I don’t think I am now.

I seem to forget things all the time too, I can’t remember what I did yesterday, sometimes entire moments are gone, where I put something a few seconds ago, etc. This isn’t due to a personality disorder, I just forget. But I can memorize things easily, I know 1000+ digits of pi, the periodic table, things like that.

I also have a hard time paying attention, I can barely read a book without zoning out after one page. I can’t listen to people speak for more than 12 seconds (I averaged it) without drifting off. I spend a lot of time imagining things.

I also have panic attacks occasionally. I can’t speak smoothly, and I am terrible with words, I have a horrible vocabulary, I pretty much use it all up in my normal speech. Writing is easier, but this time it is a bit hard because I have been sleep deprived the past few days.

I have trouble with social cues, and an emotionless most of the time. I also sometimes can’t tell right from left, have bad motor skills, can’t seem to see that well (glasses don’t help), and can’t count numbers in my head; I can only memorize them.

I can’t think in words or in numbers. Everything I have listed here are things that greatly affect my everyday life. I hate it.

Sorry to bother you, but thanks for responding.

There Seems to Be Something Wrong with My Brain

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You didn’t bother me. You do have issues that concern me. You say that you were “delusional” before. That suggests to me that you were evaluated by a professional. If so, please make an appointment to see your provider again. The thoughts and behaviors you are describing are unusual and worrisome. If you haven’t seen a therapist, it’s time you did.

It may be that you are simply very imaginative. It may be that you are sleep deprived (which can cause some of the symptoms you listed). It’s possible that you are on the autism spectrum (hinted at by some of the other symptoms). Or it may be that you are suffering from a mental illness. I have no way of knowing on the basis of a letter. A qualified mental health professional can tease out what is going on. More to the point, he or she can offer you treatment that will give you relief.

Do take your letter and this response with you to your first appointment. It will help you get started.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

There Seems to Be Something Wrong with My Brain

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