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Confused: Am I Just Bored?

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From the start I’ve been a self conscious person with a short fuse. I get frustrated very easily and hate a lot of people, so me I don’t even speak to, just watch.

Around 2 years ago I started isolating myself safe at home to read on my phone and around that time I also started having speaking difficulties that became very embarrassing. I still have them now but it’s not as bad. For a year now I have isolated myself even more started to watch anime and cartoons which are the one of the only things, along with drawing and writing stories, that can make me happy. Halfway through 2015 I started dieting just to feel like I accomplished something, but it was stressful and led to me developing binge eating disorder four months ago and I have gained so much weight.

Now I feel that life is incredibly boring and worth nothing and I’ve lost motivation to do anything, but I don’t want to die painfully so I won’t kill myself. I really don’t understand how I feel, I present myself differently to what I’m thinking. I don’t feel any strong emotions besides love for hobbies. Even to do anything but watch anime and cartoons I have to force myself to do, I have become very lazy and sleep for around four hours on a school day.

I think things that shouldn’t be taken lightly but feel nothing. I am only bothered when things affect me. I’ve secretive but I always talk about myself. And I can’t tell my parents aren’t helpful, and don’t take these kind of things seriously and I’m not close to them in the first place. My mum has noticed I’ve been eating more but she just smug because she didn’t want to be thin, which is really annoying. I told my older sister about my binge eating around Christmas when I ate my whole calendar the day before advent. I hoped she would help me stop but she has hasn’t be useful at all and l binge eat almost every.
I’ve been getting a lot more nervous lately and recently I became agnostic although I am forced to go to church every week. Am I just feeling this way because I’m bored? What am I even feeling?

Confused: Am I Just Bored?

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Boredom might not be the problem. You seem unhappy and unsatisfied. You try to feel better but end up choosing self-destructive methods such as binge eating. When you did finally try to tell someone what was wrong, your sister couldn’t help. Don’t be disappointed. Your sister is not a mental health professional and isn’t trained to help people with emotional problems. These kinds of problems require professional help.

I would recommend speaking to the school counselor as soon as possible. Be certain to report your binge eating. The school counselor might refer you to a specialist to help regulate your eating and to deal with any emotional problems.

Please don’t ignore your symptoms. Staying silent about your problems only makes them worse. Ask for help and start with the school counselor. With the right help, you can overcome virtually any problems that you are facing.

Growing up is hard. It is much harder than people recognize. It’s not a simple or easy process. There is much pain associated with the transition from childhood to being an adult. It doesn’t need to be so painful. With the right guidance and understanding, growth can be a much easier experience. Counseling can help you. It can provide insight and understanding into what you are experiencing. More and more adolescents are getting involved in counseling. In my opinion, they are the smart ones. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Confused: Am I Just Bored?

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