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OCD Memories like 4 Years Old

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Okay so I’ve recently been diagnosed for OCD and now probably depression not taking anything for it, just trying to eat healthy and exercise. My main theme is psychopathy but I’ve had paedophile suicide I’ve had every theme. So much that I’m driving myself crazy ruminating about my childhood trying to find answers. I thought all of my anxiety had started after smoking pot and experiencing derealization when I was 14 but now after breaking my threshold and seeing back farther I’ve had major anxiety my whole life overthinking everything like back as far as I can go even little 4 year old me I can remember always being low or afraid of something always thinking the worst obsess obsess obsess that’s all I can remember. Now the excersize has been helping tremendously and I could do better at winding down and sleeping appropriately but it feels like if I had this as a child maybe ocd is all I am and my whole life has revolved around it so it’ll never get solved . I always thoughts childhood were full of happiness without ever looking back at mine. So I jus kinda want to know if kids can experience anxiety and low feeling that little or if I’m just seeing memories through my current state of mind and not feeling what it was really ? Your answers would be sooooooo appreciated and thank you!

OCD Memories like 4 Years Old

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Eating healthy and exercising are positive and important lifestyle habits. They are not, however, treatments for anxiety and depression. Of course, you should continue to eat well and to exercise, but these should be seen as things to help your mental health — not to take the place of mental health treatment.

Children can experience anxiety. It’s possible that you have been experiencing anxiety since you were a child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be helped. Both anxiety and depression are common and highly treatable mental health conditions. Psychotherapy and medication are effective treatments for both conditions.

It’s a mistake to think that you are out of options when in actuality you have yet to try the recommended first-line treatment. The vast majority of people who seek treatment for anxiety and depression improve with professional treatment. I would recommend consulting a mental health professional. Talk to them on the phone and then choose the one with whom you feel the strongest and most positive connection. The Find Help tab, at the top of this page, can help you locate a mental health professional in your community. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

OCD Memories like 4 Years Old

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