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I Am Other People in My Head

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Hi, I have something that’s been worrying me…
You know how you see yourself as yourself? Well with me, I see myself as different people. When I picture myself or become aware of myself, I am another person.

An example, one of the people I see myself as is a feminine guy with long hair. When I’m him I feel like guy, and take on a different personality.

Another main one, is I become a kid, a little asian girl with long black hair. Sometimes, I can really feel the long hair as if I really had it. She’s 10 and plays with dolls and now so do I.

The thing that really annoys me and worries me is that I have a couple different personalities but I cannot stay that person for long. It starts off strong but slowly fades and I get such a dread and then I have to switch personalities to get sometime of relief or sometimes I get such an overwhelming swell of emotions that it automatically switches me into another personality.

I am never myself, and when I look at myself I don’t recognize it or it’s foreign. I try picturing myself the way I am and it’s foreign, also, I don’t like it.

Some background, while I was growing up, I never had a strong sense of self. I never felt I belong with any group truly, or felt I had a real personality. Having these personality gives me a personality and brings me life and I’m able to communicate and live so to speak.

I do see a counselor and a psychiatrist but they never listen when I tell them. They just redirect it to my meds or something else. I have been diagnosed as having gen. anxiety and major depressive with hallucinations and delusions but I don’t think this touches on this.
I guess I just want more of an explanations and want someone to actually examine it than just put it together with the other.
I don’t know, I don’t feel like there’s no “me” but the others are the real me and there are many.

I Am Other People in My Head

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I’m wondering how much your medication could be contributing to this problem. Medication alters one’s personality, even if ever so slightly. I would need to know more about your psychosocial history to know what effect medication has had upon your personality. You can and should discuss this with your prescribing physician.

Another possibility to explore would be dissociative identity disorder (DID). It’s unusual to experience such disparate personalities. It’s not the norm and most people never experience more than one personality. Dissociative disorders are commonly associated with childhood trauma. Individuals with DID develop multiple personalities, often with distinct identities, behaviors and temperaments. You might try researching DID and perhaps see a specialist.

If you don’t feel that your mental health professionals are helping, you might try consulting others. Generally speaking, you should feel a little better after each session. There should be noticeable improvement over time. If you are not progressing, then it might be time for someone new. A second opinion might be the change that is necessary. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Am Other People in My Head

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