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Frustrated All the Time & I Don’t Know Why

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I find myself constantly frustrated beyond words and the worst part is I have no idea why. I have tried to figure what I am mad or frustrated about but have no idea what it is. I thought it may be a subconscious thing, but I don’t know. I find myself constantly frustrated with my family and all my friends that I love soooo much yet I am always frustrated with. I also am very frustrated with myself all the time. I thought it had to do with something in my past that had happened. I don’t know what it is but I will try to give you info that might come in handy. I am so sick of feeling this way and have tried to scream it out, cry it out, and do everything and I can’t think of what the problem is or how to solve it.

I moved around 4 different times in my life in elementary school. I was super unpopular and was bullied and once was kicked and beaten sorta-ish by these two boys. I never had any friends and was always lonely. My family finally settled down in a town where I was bullied and was alone with no friends for several years till 7th grade when I met some kids and started to become more liked. Now I am in 8th grade. I don’t date. I don’t do drugs or alcohol, I have pretty good grades for the most part when I’m not stressed out of my mind.

I have been counselled by a counsellor in the mental health department for a long time because of my depression (which I feel like I have totally gotten over actually a couple years ago yet I still go through with it even though it isn’t helpful at all nor do I feel depressed, just SUPER frustrated with basically everything). I have always struggled with anxiety and stress more so than other kids but I don’t know if that has anything to do with me being frustrated.

I hope this information helped in any way. Please help me I want to get out of this lole thing. I am very independent and never have told anybody any of this (my history with the two boys beating me up or any of the bullying). I don’t want to weigh this on other people. HELP ME PLEASE.

Frustrated All the Time & I Don’t Know Why

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The definition of frustration is feeling distressed or annoyed because of your inability to do something you want to do or to change something you want to change. There must be something you want to do that you feel as though you can’t do or something you want to change that you feel as though you can’t change. Try to think about what that might be. Perhaps, you are confusing frustration with another emotion.

Your anxiety and stress probably have a lot to do with the way you are feeling. The last several years have been quite difficult for you. Moving is stressful. Moving four times is quite stressful. Many people never move that often in a lifetime. With each move, you struggled. Your constant moving, anxiety and stress and having been bullied, might all be contributing to what you are feeling.

You should be discussing these issues with your counselor. You might never learn the source of your frustration, but counseling could help you overcome it. Sometimes, knowing the source of the problem is not as important as treating the symptoms of the problem.

Consider starting a journal to record your feelings. This might help you to understand your emotions and what might be causing your distress. Journals can reveal patterns about our behavior and emotions. You might also find that journaling helps to relieve your frustration. I hope this helps. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Frustrated All the Time & I Don’t Know Why

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