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Please Tell Me if Something Is Wrong with Me

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hello im 14 but i don’t want to say my name. i have a bad problem controling my impulses, and im quite reckless,
not in a way of hurting myself but, doing things without thinking about the consequences. when im at school i dont fit in at all, but i always try, i try to mimic things that other people do. but i just cant fit in. i get angry, very fast, it doesn’t take that much for me to want to kill someone. i cant controll anything about me, i have alot of anxiety, too much, i can over react. someone scammed me two days ago and i have been contemplating killing him, beating him with a bat, or hiring someone to do something to him, but its very irrational. it just makes be soo mad. when im mad i forget about everything and cant think. i have thought about killing myself because im tired of living that way. ill be on the verge of doing something that i could go to jail forever for, then at the last minute i start to remember what the consequences will be. i like somone one day, the next day i hate them. i dont know who i am, i dont have any goals, at night i get very paranoid, of ghosts and irrational thoughts. and hallucinate at night alot. at some points i will be happy for a few days, because i think im in a movie. i remember periods of time in my life, as what was going on in my mind.

please tell me what’s wrong with me?

Please Tell Me if Something Is Wrong with Me

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Many teenagers struggle with similar problems. People underestimate how difficult it is to be a teenager. You could greatly benefit from counseling to control your impulses. Impulse control is a correctable problem with treatment.

Counseling would be a tremendous help for you in understanding and dealing with the problems of a 14-year-old. Twelve through 18 is a tough time for most normal teenagers. Really tough. We get through it, but it would be much easier with counseling.

You recognize that your behavior is irrational and out-of-control. That is encouraging. People who are open to treatment and who see that it is necessary are the most likely to benefit from it.

Your next steps should be asking your parents for their assistance in seeking mental health treatment. You can also speak to the school guidance counselor about this problem. They can provide you with immediate assistance and refer you to a mental health professional in the community. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Please Tell Me if Something Is Wrong with Me

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