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16 and Unsure of Mental State

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From Romania: I’m 16 and i live in romania. I’m not sure if i am depressed or bipolar. People have noticed i have mood swings often. I can go from happy to sad or frustrated for no reason. Essential to know is that I had a tough childhood not that bad but pretty abusive and i was a little bit anti social mainly because i was bullied. In other words, my life had fallen apart,

I felt emotionally unstable like the smallest criticism could affect me and I have always been nervous, anxious and scared of crowds or uncomfortable around people. The trigger might be my family because they are strict cold people or idk just myself. All i need to know is if im mentally stable because its really bothering me how i feel. Thanks

16 and Unsure of Mental State

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It’s not at all unusual for a 16 year old girl to have mood swings. Actually, it would be unusual if you didn’t. Your body is changing into its adult self and the hormones that are involved often cause girls to be hypersensitive and emotional.

But you also state that you have been bullied and abused. That kind of history often leaves a teen feeling anxious and uncomfortable around others. Having been mistreated, there is a part of you that is on alert for possibly being mistreated again. It may be hard to trust others or to relax among people you don’t know.

I suggest you take care of yourself in two ways: First, see your doctor or endocrinologist to make sure you are physically okay. Second, I strongly urge you to get some counseling to deal with the after-effects of being bullied. You deserve to get the help you need to be able to determine who is trustworthy and to be confident in the social world.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

16 and Unsure of Mental State

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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