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Possibly Bipolar II?

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Greetings. I have come to terms that I might have Bipolar II. I’m not certain. I seem to be clinically depressed, suffering from severe bouts of depression all my life on and off. Sometimes, my libido will increase out of the blue, and I’ll have this sporadic desire to sleep with many people, but I do not act on it. I also can become extremely moody, sometimes I’m happy for a few hours, but succumb to the bleak side of sadness and disappointment. I can also become angry for no reason, irritable, agitated, restless, and anxious all at once. I also seem to have racing rapid thoughts that are very difficult to control or tune out. Angry outburts are normal when I feel agitated, panicky, with rapid racing thoughts. My mood swings also heighten during my PMS. Sometimes I feel very creative, but that is rare, since I’m mostly severely depressed. Sometimes I will read for hours and hours, like its the end of the world. Sometimes, my skin feels like its crawling all over my body. Perhaps these symptoms are more align with hyperthyroidism, but I’m not exactly certain.

Possibly Bipolar II?

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Bipolar disorder might be a possibility, but you would only know that after having an evaluation from a mental health professional. He or she would be in the best position to determine if you have bipolar disorder or any disorder.

Since you’re worried about hyperthyroidism, it would be advantageous to undergo a medical evaluation. Your primary care physician could provide a referral to a specialist. It’s wise to investigate every possibility.

I’m also wondering if you are taking any medications. Some of the symptoms you have described could be side effects of medications. Medication can slightly alter our personalities. Sleep deprivation can also cause some of the symptoms you have described.

Consider keeping a journal to track your symptoms. You might uncover a pattern. That information will be helpful to a mental health professional attempting to determine what might be wrong.

More information and professional evaluations are necessary for a diagnosis. Your next steps should involve in-person evaluations with your primary care doctor and a mental health professional. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Possibly Bipolar II?

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