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Friend Can’t Tell Reality from Fantasy

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I worked for a woman (estranged) who seriously believes she’s a fictional character, she can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy. She has since convinced two of her female staff they are men and is forcing them into sexual situations with her. She won’t say she’s a lesbian even though she calls her clearly female partners men (she just forces them to dress like men). When she first met these girls she refused to recognize they were female and wouldn’t call them by their real names. Now she’s using them to scam money on her website to get donations, claiming she gives them the money when she pockets all of it. I don’t know her real name (the only one she’d ever give me is a fictional character and the only other one I found is an Alias) she is using her website as a front to scam people out of money, she has threatened suicide very specifically to me numerous times before she cut me off. She is currently living with one of these girls she brainwashed. Police can’t help without a name, and from the symptoms she described to me herself I’m fairly sure she’s schizophrenic but I only have a BA in psych, I can’t diagnose her. She calls me a “Demon” even though all I ever tried to do was get her help. She is a danger to herself and others and all I can do is sit back and watch her be very delusional on social media and lie about how I’m “evil” and dangerous when she’s the one who clearly needs help. My question, what is wrong with her (possibly) and what do I do other than sit and twiddle my thumbs until she snaps and goes completely psychotic?

Friend Can’t Tell Reality from Fantasy

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I don’t have enough information to know what might be wrong with her. She may or may not be mentally ill. She might be playacting as part of her scam.

There’s little that you can do in this situation except inform the police. You may not know her name, but you do know about her website. The police can investigate further, should they deem it necessary.

After you report her to the police, you will have done all that you can. It’s best to keep your distance. Don’t interact with her in any way. Report her to the police and then leave her alone. If you have proof of her wrongdoings then, once again, report her to the police. If you have no proof, then you must completely leave her alone. You describe her as being a danger. Why would you want danger to be in your life? Stay away from danger. If you have trouble with her intrusion into your thoughts, then you should find a therapist to help you to forget her. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Friend Can’t Tell Reality from Fantasy

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