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Uncontrollable Shaking and Tremors Under Stress

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Hello! I am not very ardent in psychosis so I thought I’d consult. I have recently been doing this thing where if I remember an extremely stressful experience or I recall something I’ve been procrastinating (cleaning a room,homework,organizing emails etc.)/an embarrassing memory my mind feels as if it shakes and only focuses on those memories and I involuntarily (I don’t know how to describe it other as being possessed by the memories) lose control of my hands and they/my shoulders tremor (my fingers lose control and shake in the air in a motion like piano playing, and my shoulders jerk back and forth) and my whole body shakes until I push the certain memory away or focus on gripping a table/my phone and then it calms to only my fingers/hand twitching until I calm down enough to be level-headed. It’s psychically tolling and I am always mentally and psychically exhausted after calming. It is only a thing that has happened in the past year. It can also happen in random spikes, even when I am not breaking-down; as when I’m sitting with friends or out at the movies my hands will take control of themselves and tremor. I have diagnosed disassociative amnesia and schizotypal personality disorder but I can’t find these disorders being tied to these symptoms anywhere. I have only ever taken medicine/psychotherapy for depression symptoms when I was 11-12. Thanks for your time and information!

Uncontrollable Shaking and Tremors Under Stress

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Your symptoms are unusual. You might be describing panic attacks. It is also possible that you’re describing something else entirely.

Panic attacks can be triggered by a memory, as you have described, and they can also happen seemingly randomly. Alternatively, it’s unusual to experience your degree of physical trembling during panic attacks.

You should undergo an evaluation by a primary care physician. Ask your parents to assist you in this endeavor.

If you are already in contact with a mental health professional, report your symptoms. He or she can determine if your symptoms are psychological in origin. Having both a physical and mental health evaluation will give you the best chance of determining the cause of your symptoms. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Uncontrollable Shaking and Tremors Under Stress

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