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My Mind Is Blank Especially During Interviews

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This happened to me when I am giving my presentation in class, my mind will often blank out and I just couldn’t say out the words in proper sentences. I have been through the worst especially during interviews whereby a few days before, I had to plan and type out all my answers on a word documents in order for me to rehearse and remember what to say in an interview. In addition, whenever there’s a phone call from an unknown number, I will also panic and it makes my heart beats faster! I don’t understand what is wrong with me as I couldn’t find any answers to my conditions and I am jealous of many who are able to speak out fluently. However, during normal conversations, I am able fine. Is there a cure for the condition? Please advice. Thank you very much!

My Mind Is Blank Especially During Interviews

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It seems as though you become nervous when speaking publicly. That’s common. Many people fear public speaking. In fact, it is often identified as the most common fear. The fear of dying is second most common. For many people, public speaking frightens them more than their own demise.

Nervousness about public speaking often stems from trying to be something you are not. Many people incorrectly believe that they’re “supposed” to be the foremost expert on whatever topic of which they are speaking. These impossibly high standards create the nervousness (and, for some, the sheer terror) associated with public speaking.

One way to correct this problem is to adjust your expectations. Your speaking endeavor is not a performance nor are you expected to be an expert. You are a student who has been asked to give a presentation as part of the class. Students are not experts nor are they expected to be experts. Students are in the process of learning to potentially one day become experts in a discipline. If you were already an expert, then you would not need classes. Your goal should be to share your knowledge and to do so sincerely. Sincerity, or speaking from the heart, is a characteristic of all great orators.

Having realistic expectations is one way to correct this problem. Other strategies include counseling, reading self-help books, possibly taking medication or by utilizing the support services of groups such as Toastmasters. Toastmasters assists individuals in improving their communication skills. According to their website, they have clubs in 135 countries. Perhaps yours is one of them. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

My Mind Is Blank Especially During Interviews

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