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Fear of Hospitals & Heart-Related Testing

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Hello, I am current seeing a therapist as well as a psychiatrist and am taking .5mg Klonopin twice daily, and 10mg escitalopram. I have a great fear of heart testing and any type of test that requires my heart to be monitored. I’m afraid they will find something wrong. My moto has always been if a doctor does not verify you have a problem the problem does not exist. I need to change that moto. Please any suggestions or thoughts that I can reflect on would be greatly appreciated.

Fear of Hospitals & Heart-Related Testing

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It’s good that you recognize that your motto needs to be changed. I wholeheartedly agree. You seem to be trying to protect yourself from knowledge that could be painful but this way of thinking is problematic and may even be deadly.

The thought of your having a heart problem is obviously very painful. Thinking about it is frightening. You are choosing not to think about it. By not thinking about it, you no longer have anxiety or fear or mental pain. You have chosen to protect yourself from the painful thought of heart problems. However, you have not protected yourself from the reality of heart problems. By having chosen not to consider the possibility of heart problems you have allowed for the potential death from untreated heart problems.

The truth of whether or not you have heart problems, though painful, is the truth that you must seek. You need to know whether or not in reality you have heart problems. This will provide you the maximum protection against dying from an untreated heart problem.

Your opinion of whether or not you have heart problems doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what’s true.

You must not allow self-interest to stop you from acquiring the truth. When we make mistakes in our thinking, we pay for them. In your quest to ease the psychological pain you feel from thinking about heart problems, you risk incorrectly perceiving reality which ultimately goes against your best interest. Anything that stops you from accurately interpreting reality goes against your best interest. Truth should always outweigh self-interest.

You might benefit from reading about critical thinking and Abraham Maslow’s theory of self-actualization. In doing so, you will learn about the importance of correct thinking and truth above all else. It just might save your life. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Fear of Hospitals & Heart-Related Testing

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