When I see a meal I lose my control and I want to eat it all. Food is so important, the most important thing in my life — every time I want to eat. Mostly I eat when I am not hungry. I have no limit to eating. After eating I feel ashamed. I am not obese — but I gain fat. A lot of my hair falls out. I feel hardly ever sad, angry. Mostly I am happy. and I am not in depression. What is my disorder named? Where do I need to go? Which kind of doctors? What can I do? Thanks. (From Lithuania)

A: Thanks for writing us here about your eating. In your profile you list yourself as a college student. It is often the case when college students first go away to a university they are confronted with new stressors in life and have to learn how to regulate themselves on many things. Very often eating more food can be part of that adjustment.

Beyond that food can also function like a drug to numb feelings. Eating when you are not hungry and not feeling anything but ashamed are sometimes indicators of when food is being used like this.

Since you are at a university I would use the student counseling center. Make an appointment with a counselor. He or she can determine more directly what the next step is.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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