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I’m Obsessed with a Celebrity

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From India: Hello. I am just a normal girl who happens to see a movie about a certain actor approximately 10 years from now. My father and i have always shared a loving and fulfilling relationship but my mother is not mentally healthy, so sometimes i feel like there’s a gap that needs to be filled within my heart. What started as a very innocent crush like feeling ended up being my worst nightmare. Obsession.

When i first realized that i was unhealthily attached to this actor, I was about 15-16 and i thought that this was “one of those crushes” and brushed them off. But as i got older, the “fantasy” of being wanted,loved,being the centre of his universe, being his wife, and of course the sexual intimacy i wanted to share with this person got heavy and started to interfere in my real life relationships too. When i tried explaining about this issue to my close ones,they too brushed it off thinking that i was just fan-girling. Well, I’m not just “fan-girling”. I have fantasies about this person everyday and i can’t picture myself with anyone apart from him. I have delusions that he and i are somehow “connected” or we’re soul mates and stuff.

I really want to get over this actor. I do not blame this actor for anything cause i know that it’s not his fault. He recently got into a relationship which made things even worse. When he was single, I never really cared about what he was doing but as soon as he got into a relationship with a non-celeb girl, I thought that maybe i missed my chance.

I never in a million years have hurted him in any way or even his girlfriends. i never try to get his number or get his mail id or anything but i do follow him on social media. But an hour ago, i cut off all the connections i have on social media with this actor and i unfollowed him every where. I guess only life was even more easy if i could i just “un-follow’ him in real life too. When i sleep,i dream of him every night and when i wake up, I miss him. i sometimes think that i can never love someone “this” passionately and deeply like i love this actor. He is 8 years elder to me.I sometimes day dream about him.

This obsession has got to the point that, I am saving myself for him.I feel like no one deserves to be with me apart from him. I don’t know if this is love or “way out of hand” kind of solution. I really really need help to get over this person and start my life fresh and enjoy all aspects of my life whole-heartedly. I really really need help.

I’m Obsessed with a Celebrity

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You are right. Your original admiration for the actor has gotten way out of control. What you are describing is consistent with an erotomanic delusional disorder.

You are an excellent candidate for successful treatment since you do realize that your ideas are delusional and you have been able to prevent yourself from making inappropriate contact with him. A combination of talk therapy and perhaps some medication will help you let go of this imaginary relationship.

More important to me is that treatment will help you become available to love someone who can love you back. You deserve to have a loving relationship in your life, not just a fantasy.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I’m Obsessed with a Celebrity

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