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Came Out on a LSD Trip, Changed My Life

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I took a drug called LSD, a psychedelic drug and I “came out” on it, I hope you know what it means, and it causes my anxiety level to went sky high during the “trip” I sort of “died” during the trip and came back, I wasn’t really the drug type of person but somehow my friends manage to convinced me, I’ll tried to keep and it brief and short, even thought friends who were not present during my drugs experience I never contacted any friends from that incident ever since, I wouldn’t know what they think about me and I’m afraid to even think about, they may be okay for who I am or not, I don’t know, I think they would probably be okay, it’s just me that I’m not, suicide is surely not the answer because I can’t do that to my family, and I decided that I’m lucky enough to get the chance to come to Australia for further studies, and also to “escape” my past, ever since I feel that I talk to people with a “filter”, like I won’t reveal my inner true feelings, just very blunt, I am open, but overtime it has become something that I just am, I would talk, but that’s all, I talk, and this made my friends unable to be close to me and overtime become “the other guy”, and I feel friendless and lonely now, and lost in my life, don’t know how to move forward, seeking help about my past is not something I’m ready because if I do it means I have to talk about it which is hard and “face” it, which in honesty I’m afraid of what my family would think and how other people would judge me if they knew, sorry for the long post and I hope to hear from whoever, can’t thank you enough in advance.

Came Out on a LSD Trip, Changed My Life

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The work you’re talking about isn’t the past, it’s about you — right now — in your current circumstances. The LSD experience seems to have opened you to a realization in your life that is creating anxiety. You’ll want to try to integrate this feeling and realization into who you are becoming. As you are connected to a university I would highly recommend using the university’s counseling center. While it is difficult to talk about, you have displayed tremendous courage by talking about it here at PsychCentral. Follow up by bringing your concerns to a professional at the university who can help.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Came Out on a LSD Trip, Changed My Life

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