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I’m a 15 year-old male, and I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for years. School is generally hard for me because of the social aspect and all of the stress involved, but recently nothing really seems really. It seems as if I’m in some surreal state of mind and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve never taken any anti-depressant or anxiety medications, and I’ve never done any form of drugs. I’ve lost all motivation to do anything. I have a lack of interest in things, and all of my emotions have been becoming extremely dull. But to the point. For the past couple weeks, nothing has seemed real. It feels like it doesn’t really matter what I do, it’ll have no impact. It’s a vast feeling of detachment and I don’t know what to do. I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to my therapist about this yet, but I was wondering if any of you could attempt to help with this issue. I sit alone constantly thinking about how pointless everything is, and how unreal it seems. Thanks for the read, even though I was kind of ranting.


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It’s possible that you might be describing depersonalization-derealization disorder. Depersonalization is having the experience of unreality or detachment from one’s mind, self or body. Derealization is having the experience of unreality or detachment from one’s surroundings.

The average age of onset of depersonalization-derealization disorder is 16 years old. It is rare for it to occur after the age of 40. The exact cause is not clear, however, research suggests a strong correlation between the disorder and childhood trauma. Severe stress and illicit drug use are common precipitants of the disorder.

Alternatively, you could be having these experiences because of your depression and anxiety. As you noted, these problems have been plaguing you for years. It’s best to discuss your concerns with your therapist, who can collect more information about the potential problem and determine what’s wrong.

You have yet to discuss your concerns with your therapist, but you are making a mistake by waiting. He or she can’t help you if you don’t report what’s wrong. Now is the time. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle


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