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I Think I Have OCD Intrusive Thoughts

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Hi i’m scott i’m 20, engaged and am a calm person i never get into fights and always try to resolve conflict. However I have been severely disturbed by horrendously gross and violent thoughts that really scare me and are like something out of the most horrible horror gore film imaginable. Also in the past I have had socially unacceptable sexual thoughts along with them. I have had these issues for a number of years now but for the past few days they have gotten much worse and I am constatnly anxious over them. I try to control them but if I see something like a knife lying in the kitchen I put it away in the drawer as this can triggger more violent thoughts. I dont want to go into details of these thoughts as i feel they are far too graphic and grotesque. I dont want to have these thoughts and would never act on them but I cant get rid of them and I am worried I will be branded or told I am going insane. I go into daydreams a lot which is when they usually occur and once I have thought them I realise what I have done and feel horrible. Also if I am walking by someone and they whisper to someone else or laugh I get paranoid and feel it is about me. Also I can walk by people and in my mind violent aggressive fictional scenarios play out about this person and me even if they are a stranger as if something inside me is going to make me attack them though I dont want to. It isnt always images as it can also be words coming into my head that distress me. Also I often repeat random things to myself like words or phrases for a time as i feel if I say it out loud or to myself I will relieve some of my anxiety but it only makes it worse. Please help any way you can.

I Think I Have OCD Intrusive Thoughts

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Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) could be a possibility. One of the main symptoms of OCD is having negative, repeated thoughts and images of a morbid, violent or sexual nature. Understandably, the content of your thoughts makes you worry, but that is the nature of the disorder.

A key element of OCD is that your obsessive thoughts are unwanted. They seem to be repulsive to you and you have a strong desire to eliminate them. They seem to be outside of your control, which further suggests that OCD may be the problem.

OCD is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are easily treatable with psychotherapy and or medication. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can overcome these symptoms.

Having an anxiety disorder does not make you “insane.” Millions of people have anxiety disorders and benefit from treatment. Don’t let your fear of being seen as “insane” stop you from seeking help. If you’re willing to seek treatment, and are working with a competent therapist, you should expect a positive outcome. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Think I Have OCD Intrusive Thoughts

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