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Unusual Work Conduct

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I work for a company Montego Bay, Jamaica and for the past two and a half years I have been constantly harassed my coworkers. I reported this my managers and Human Resource Department and they do nothing to help or stop the harassment. These people have been lying continuously about me. First they began spreading rumors about me saying that my boyfriend left me for a younger woman. Then, they began saying that they have circulated around the office naked pictures of me including my vagina and they even proceed to describe my private parts as black and ugly. They make comments saying that I need to bathe. This all taking place in an office setting.

They also claim to have circulated around the office videos of me having sex and laughing at the things they claimed I said or did in those videos.  They constantly seek to humiliate me and put me down my saying disgusting things about my body and they all seem to think it is OK to do this. They call me names like whore, old whore, old idiot, mad ass, all in the presence of supervisors and managers alike. Now they have recently began calling me crazy and making comments that they are going to “mad me.” They laugh and find it funny. They think this normal behavior and act as if I am the one doing something wrong.  Am I over reacting or being to sensitive. Is this kind of behavior normal? Thanks. (age 37, from Jamaica)

Unusual Work Conduct

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This behavior is not only abnormal, but it would be illegal in the United States. The only advice that I can offer is to continue to make formal complaints to your supervisor and to Human Resources, but at this point, I also suggest that it is time to consult with a lawyer who handles employment issues.

You are not being overly sensitive at all. Some friendly teasing can be tolerated in most work settings but what you are describing is harassment.  I hope that the situation changes but in the meantime, I would encourage you to look for another job.

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Dr. Holly Counts

Unusual Work Conduct

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